Familia Sagrada

Body - Mind - Soul

On Us

We are a couple connected by Madre Ayauasca and our heart flames. For us manifestation of legendary love, pure love that loves everything that you are and heals all past wounds in a soft way...heh sometimes fiery way too.
As a natural consequence we want to share it with you and the world. Manifestation of Heaven on Earth, twin flame or spiritual connection that is lived every day as a free choice of both partners, no boredom, no running away of the shadows, no bullshit. Sweet love like a dream, sexuality met on all levels, magic. Old patterns are worked through fast and trust is beyond any limits. Lies are not exisitng here as they don't stick to love, they melt as ice and honesty is the only way of being. No manipulation..nothing is as it was before.

When I say: " I love you for ever now and forever" I mean it. Only now is eternity and I want it with my King, I want him here now and forever. Fully choosing one another is a wide open door where you are tottaly yourself and all that is not your essence has to go. 
We share it here to tell you that true love exists and you can receive it and live it. The key is in your heart and your choices...we step here for us all.

Our Vision

This is the first official announcement about our project called: Familia Sagrada. We are manifesting our dream, tantric-shamanic center and living community around it but...we cannot do it alone. We need your support and all of our parts (body, mind, heart, spirit) on board. 

We know that time of lonely wolf is over. The time of great Awakening is asking for oneness, cooperation, supporting each other, building up relationships in the new perspective. We all did long way through courses, workshops,hours of meditation,facing drama and pain,shamanic ceremony's,rebirthing, walking in gurus shoes and devoting to them. We strongly experience all we need now is TRUSTING our potential and awakened love to gather together in celebration of Life. We long for each other!

Bringing our qualitites and multi-dimensional awarness to build up new ways of being, creating and sharing life, from the place of fullness, authenticity and valunerability is our invitation to you.





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