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Dec 29

Beautiful People!
Christmas time is here and Familia Sagrada opens the door to the Magic of Winter Solstice. It's second edition of our own authentic celebration and we invite even more magic this year!

As a modern pagans we keep re-connecting to the riuals of our ancestors adding our own spice. What to expect this time? 

The best we know from our childhood, that magic...I wish for cold and snow! 
Starting up with folk dances to create circle of connection and joy for the body and the heart beat. Being as a family, we will prepare a table for our fiesta and with the first star on the sky we share handmade bread exchanging wishes and hugs for the best in the paganic new year. Than we will warm up our hearts by making music, singing carols, mantras and all that jazz . Slowing down in cuddle-puddle with the Story Telling will add even more to our magical pot . 
Finally our sound shamaness AsameƩ Szczupak will round up the whole evening with her Sound Journey.

Life is good if we make it so!

Our Fiesta is created consciously by bringing leftovers from the christmas tables. We are making it together. Its good to have some bits and pieces of traditional food of your country. I'll bake a real bread for sharing wishes and polish super yammie dish called Pierogi. Also Barszcz, beetroot soup is necessary on polish tables. 
You can stay over the night, all is included ! 

I invite you to wear something that makes you feel elegant but not stiff in any style you want. For my sisters please wear a long dress or skirt that makes you looking feminine, folk, goddess, It's real pleasure to dance folk with the skirt dancing around your legs. 

Donation: 35eu

Please make sure you are coming at least a week prior to the event. 

With Joy
Red Dakini & Roberto Santi

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