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Body - Mind - Soul

May 27

We are soul connected couple, sharing our experience by bringing Tantra with Tai Chi, Yin & yang/ fire & water in their daily life and as tantric partners knowing it’s transformational impact on the body, mind and beyond.
Tantra Tai Chi was recently developed as a partnered practice that blends the softness of Tai Chi movements with the excitement of tantric sexual energy.
Tantra is the spiritual path from India that uses sexual energy/kundalini as a driving force for awakening into higher consciousness. Tai Chi, a form of moving meditation of China use flowing movement and internal focus to increase balance flow of ‘Chi’(life force energy). It's a great relationship exercise creating a strong intimate and emotional connection with one's beloved partner or within yourself.
The movement of energy between the sexual and the heart center is the basic premise as the movements begin to blend the sexual and spiritual energies, love becomes a tangible feeling within you, you start to integrate into your full self.
Together we explore the ancient art of sacred sexual energy.
In this workshop you will get an understanding of the idea behind Tantra Tai Chi and will experience some of the basic exercises.
There will be no nudity or explicit exercises, but there is some partner work aimed to shine light on our capacity for intimacy and connection.

Expect a playful day of breathing, dancing and connecting.
Level 1 (to continue level 2 and 3)
*Water Dance- Combinations of Tai Chi moves with Tantric Dance 
*Belly breathing meditation & tantric sound exercise
*Female /Male- awakening the serpent 
*Circle of love- couple exercise
*Oceanic Surrender- group massage

No prior knowledge of Tai Chi or sacred sexuality is necessary and people with previous experience are welcome. It's designed for man & woman, singles and couples. Given in Dutch and English.
We also like to welcome you to join us for a small after party with dinner, relaxing sound bath, campfire & music (all included).

Practical info:
Date: 27-5-2017/28.05 if you wish to sleep over.
Time: 12:00-17:00 & after party .
Couples: € 69,- ( man/woman-man/man-woman/woman)
Single: € 50,-
If you decide to join us for level 2, there will be € 10,- discount
Bring along 2 new people and receive a free workshop for yourself!
Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Free parking space at our location.

Any questions? Call us!
Roberto (Dutch) 06- 28 12 34 38
Magdalena (English) 06- 26 72 70 77

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