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Well,well...welcome on our Island. A Place that teases your curiosity, rushes your blood ,opens the heart. Here you will find ongoing events . Additional surprises are served in CALENDAR.

Feminine Rituals of pleasure

Once a month we have a Goddess celebration here. Yes, celebration in circle of sisters. Main focus at this gathering goes to celebration of woman's pleasure and sisterhood. Healing through pleasure instead of heavy processing work. I know that many of us went through deep, long term healings on sexuality, love and body image. I invite you to feel yourself in a place of commune with your feminine and sisters, commune in joy , juicyness, softness and wildness.

Playfull as little girls and mature as mothers, we take our pleasure back and claim full love to our body's, to our sisters and this beautiful planet Earth.

Paganic fiesta

Happening on Paganic calendar biggest holy-days, celebrating with all paganic world. The day or days of enjoyment, music making, rituals at the fire, and real dancing in the night. During the day we inspire you to make living community...based on free creative spirit. We are the holders of the main flow but it is up to us all what will happen in the gaps. With some tantric bite we will create loving field, exchanging our qualities in a natural way.

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Every 2 months we host this spectacular ceremony for deep healing and higher guidance of the Goddess spirit. It’s impossible to name all of Ayahuasca’s properties: those who look for her, will learn from her directly anything they need to know. Healing of unserving patterns, letting go of old mental and physical luggage, gaining insight in the deep questions: these and many more properties are well within her grasp. Ayahuasca has famously been called by the shamans: “The Mother of all plant teachers”. 
This weekend consists of two nighttime ceremonies on Friday and Saturday in order to go really deep together. Our group is cosy max.8 people as we take good, personal care of each person. During the day time, we will be doing several exercises with which we prepare ourselves for meeting with Mother Ayahuasca as a connected, relaxed group (think of body work, sharing, meditation, shamanic rituals,dancing etc). Of course, we will be serving lunch and dinner according to the ayahuasca diet. 
You are most welcome in Casa Familia Sagrada, a warm point of silence and love of Wild Westland. With Erik van Doorn, Magdalena Lisowska and Roberto Santi guidance through the jungles of Love and healing.

Tale of Love - Tantric Temple

Once upon a time there was a Kingdom of Love. Everybody was looking and dreaming to reach out there but it was mystery land. Once a month on Full Moon the gates were opening to all seekers.Princesses were brought back to life by orgasmic kiss. The whole kingdom was celebrating love magic, sensual adventure, playfulness, fiery romance and adoration beyond space & time.Water was dancing with fire and sensual tastes,perfumes and erotic storytelling got the hearts open beyond fears and shame.

We welcome you in a tantric temple variations. We are re-starting after a year break and we give it new frames. We want to get you on a fairy loving journey and it requires to build up TRUST to bond with our quality. Starting with just short few hours evenings we will stretch it to full day events.

Later on the programme will be given in two parts: Day & Night. Evening is a free time to stay and continue your adventure. We will serve dinner and create tantric temple. You can stay till the morning.

Entering our creative space means to let go traditional expectations on tantra and play love adventure as tantric fairy tale. With spice of shamanism and folk we invite you to enjoy it differently.

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