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Body - Mind - Soul

Our place is a reflection of who we are and what our center has initiated last summer. Tantra and Shamanism as one taste, yin & yang, that's our fertile ground . For us tantric path involves Goddess-God energy that is worshiped as Mother Earth and Father Sky in paganism. Sensuality and sexuality opening as Kundalini-snake energy bringing us to our roots, opening past lives memories, ancient knowledge, our animal power,trans and altered states of being is meeting an eagle on top of our heads,higher bliss,freedom & limitless universe beyond boundaries of mind. All in this one body melting together.

What does it mean in practice?

 First of all - grounded spirituality. We are not for everybody and that's ok. We invite fullness- body expression, emotional release instead of hiding under the mask - I'm cool, I'm holy,bla,bla. Tears,crazy laughter, valunerability or wildness that needs to come out is welcome.  So yes, sounds of any kind, welcome...your voice,voice of your heart, please be with us. 

   Touch, loving touch, listening to another body signals, your own inner jungle of reactions..breathing together through the layers of fear to the bones and paulsing blood, yes,yes,yes. We are not a quantity but a quality place. We care for intimacy above all, deepening together instead of getting lost in a group. It can get warmer and sensual, go for it observe yourself, arousing neediness if it pops out. Stand in your borders strong if you need to learn it, conscious exchange, that's what we are aiming for. Learning to be real in this very moment, letting go the bullshit or sweet storys to experience naked truth. 

  And all of it from the Heart connected to Earth. That's our center, the Rose of Love where all magic starts. From here we will never loose and only win together. Conscious sexulity, shamanic journeys,simple touch, facing your shadow, blissful openings or sharing intimately bitter truth with a friend, sensitive talks on money and relationships, cooking a dinner...yes it's all included in full flow of love and life. More? Come and taste our spiritual chocolate.

Practical view

Our creation involves regular weekly events like Goddess circles once a month, drumming circles on full moons, making music & cosy cuddle puddle evenings at the fireplace,mantra's singing, Paganic Fiestas, birthday partys and rites of passage with initiations and rituals offered as full event with catering, cuddle, tantric temples, shamanic journeys of high quality like Ayauasca, Trance Dance, Sound Journey's, RapĂ© and finally hosting great teachersof all kinds that inspired our path. All in the loving intimate energy of our home. Rocococo complexity of diversity.














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